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As a small school leader, you need to be equipped for speeches, parent meetings, teacher trainings, boards, activism, and public communications. Help is here. Our Small Schools Coalition Research Library has all you need to learn fast about the unique, powerful benefits of small schools.
There is an ever-growing body of research showing the quality, student connections, and community safety of small schools. Your stakeholders deserve to know about it. And if you ever find yourself out on the front lines of the small schools movement, these are the tools you need to gear up. Whatever your issue, we think you’ll find research, data, and perspectives to help you out.
The small schools movement is growing. We are always adding relevant material to this library including documents, articles, and other types of multimedia to this section…. so be sure to check back regularly for more information.
We are always on the lookout for new data. Send us your leads to interesting, informative articles and documents. If you can add to our growing collection of research on small schools, please get in touch with us directly.

→  New whitepaper from the Small Schools Coalition: A Meta Study on the Benefits of Small Schools

Small School Movement

Victories (and Challenges) Around the World


The Budgetary Cost of Education in America

Benefits of Community Schools & Problems With School Consolidation

Small Schools are a Community’s Heart

School Size Research

How Big is a Small School?


Go Small to Make a Safer School

Bussing and Large School Problems

Go Small: Resisting Consolidation to Reduce School Bussing Issues

Benefits of Small Schools

Research on the Wide-Ranging Benefits

Democratic Education

Go Small to Increase Democratic Education

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