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The advocates of the Small Schools Coalition echo the greatness of the SSC and the undeniable value of small schools. Explore the praise from passionate school administrators and parents who champion the unique benefits that small schools bring to education.  

Discover the Essence of the Small Schools Coalition

At the heart of the SSC is a commitment to nurturing educational environments where every student thrives. But don’t just take our word for it—listen to the testimonials of those who have experienced the transformative impact firsthand.

I am so thankful for the Small Schools Coalition! I found a white paper written by Dr. Stuart Grauer online and emailed him some questions I had. He directed me to your website and also armed me with other papers he had written. This information was so valuable to my research, and gave me very reliable statistics and information that I could include in my presentation to our District Education Council. I must say the community had done its homework and others presented on various topics as well. We ended up with a unanimous vote to keep our school open! Thank you so much for your support and wonderful resource!

Crystal Gant, School Administrator

Being a member of the Small Schools Coalition strengthens our voice in advocating for the needs and interests of small schools. The collective advocacy efforts of the coalition enhance our ability to address common challenges and influence policy decisions that impact our organization.

Dr. Jeremy Majeski, Principal at Frankfurt International School - Wiesbaden Campus

We are honored to be connected with you! Small schools are so very important!

Melissa Myers, Head of School at Sterne School

We are so happy to have joined The Small Schools Coalition! They have so much information and data on the benefits of small schools. We always get asked these questions, we know all the benefits, now we have real research to back it! Thank you Stuart Grauer and The Small Schools Coalition.

Tanya Sheckley, Founder and Head of School at UP Academy

Celebrate the Power of Small Schools

We also celebrate the broader beauty of small schools. Witness the collective wisdom of administrators and parents who understand the importance of a small school community and education. When it comes to learning, small schools make a big difference.

After spending over 40 years in 7 different small schools, and accrediting small schools all over the west, here is what I know:  small schools  are places of deep and lasting connection, every kind of safety, and student engagement. Giving students a voice is the greatest gift we can give them. And now, the research is coming out showing the truth of all this!

Stuart Grauer, Ed.D.

I grew up in a small school; my first experience of work was in a small school and the best eight years of my teaching career was served in a small school. My motivations were my love of being part of small communities that felt like families and that had a warmth and care for all involved. Ultimately, they made me realise what I believe education should be about – the nurturing of the individual talents of all pupils. Seeing them as human beings rather than statistics. Human beings with thoughts, feelings, concerns, insecurities and flaws and teaching with an awareness and understanding of them so that strong positive relationships can be fostered. As an educator I felt safe and trusted to be able to flourish as a teacher with demonstrably strong impact on those I worked with – students and their parents – and was given a license to experiment and learn from my experiences that would just not be possible in larger settings.

Andy Liles, Teacher and Coach for Young People

Having worked in large schools in India and China, being offered the opportunity to work in a small school was appealing. The idea of being connected more closely with colleagues, parents and students across the school felt more nurturing and inclusive. Working and being part of a small school has its focus first on building community. Starting with a supportive environment, resources, as well as accessibility to teachers fosters student social emotional well-being. When that is in place, academics, interests and learning engagement follows. The likelihood of implementing an idea or solution can become a reality more often then not. In a small school, you lead, lean, follow or support. It feels much more egalitarian.

Christine Matovich, MA Teacher at International School of Stuttgart, Sindelfingen Campus

Having served as a teacher and administrator in mid to large-sized schools, I felt compelled to pivot towards a small school setting due to the broad scope of the position. As the principal of a small school, I am intricately involved in every aspect, from operations and curriculum/instruction to marketing and admissions. Embracing this multifaceted role, I find immense satisfaction in the diversity each day brings.

Being part of a small school has been a transformative experience that has distinctly shaped both my personal and professional growth. The intimacy of a close-knit community has pushed the boundaries of my interpersonal connections in a way that larger institutions simply cannot replicate. In a small school, there’s no hiding; you see and interact with everyone daily.

This heightened visibility has compelled me to step out of my comfort zone and actively engage with my peers and faculty. The necessity for daily interaction has not only deepened my understanding of the diverse perspectives within the community but has also fostered a sense of accountability and mutual support. In this environment, relationships are not just confined to the classroom; they extend into various facets of school life, creating a network of connections that is both broad and meaningful.

On a professional level, navigating this close community has honed my interpersonal skills. The constant interaction has challenged me to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and collaborate with individuals from various backgrounds. These experiences have been invaluable, pushing me to develop a level of social agility that I believe will serve me well in any professional setting.

Dr. Jeremy Majeski, Principal at Frankfurt International School - Wiesbaden Campus

I think the data is crystal clear on at least one topic… The evidence for small schools is positively overwhelming, especially when the metrics include personal well-being, mental health and life skills.

Christopher Bezsylko, Head of School at Imagination Lab School

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