Quotes to Put in Your Newsletter or Speech

Whether you are compiling a newsletter about the benefits of small schools or writing a speech to present to a school board on why they should not close or consolidate your community’s small school, feel free to use these quotes however they might help!

School Consolidation Quotes:

  •  “Eastern Hancock superintendent George Philhower said why he appreciates these types of educational studies, they often don’t tell the full picture. Philhower noted in a smaller school district such as Eastern Hancock, the district has enough teachers and staff where they can get to know a student and customize a plan for each and every student. ‘I would argue that a smaller school is more equipped to do that because we’re small enough where we can meet with every single junior and senior one-on-one along with our principal to help students customize their path towards graduation,’ Philhower said. Couple that with the community partnerships the district has development for hands on learning and Philhower noted, a smaller school district can offer just as much as a larger one.

    ‘I feel like our community is interested in the individual attention each kid can get in a small school,’ Philhower said. ‘Indiana already has a system to allow families to choose a school or district that meets their family’s needs and this choice system allows families who do not have a positive small school experience to make a different choice.'” – Deer, Kristy. EH Officials Say Small School District Study Doesn’t Always Ring True. Daily Reporter, 2024.


  • “Perhaps the idea of consolidation is simply flawed altogether. Central to any effective economic development initiative is a goal to attract employers and jobs that are high-wage and high demand. Schools are the largest employer in many small towns and rural communities, and the elimination of the good-paying, essential jobs that small schools provide could cripple the local economy. Parents choose small schools for their children because they value safety, smaller class sizes, and low taxes. Or they identify with the school community as the anchor institution of their community. These are close-knit communities where parents and staff know one another personally. If their school district is eliminated, and school closures ensue, these communities suffer.


    Our belief is that consolidations should remain a local decision. Any state mandate forcing consolidation would be contrary to all other school choice policies because it pushes less school choice for rural communities. This is why any conversation about school consolidation must also be part of the school choice policy conversation if one is needed at all.” – Lagoni, Chris and Spradlin, Terri. Fallacies of the School District Consolidation Debate in Indiana. The Tribune, 2024.

School Closure Quotes:

  • “When rural citizens are asked whether they want and need a school in their communities, they almost always answer in the affirmative. The current school closure procedure spreads uncertainty and fear in communities chosen for consideration.” – Corbett, Michael. Country School Journal, Vol. 1 2013, page 43, What We Know and Don’t Know About Small Schools: A View from Atlantic Canada.

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