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“I am so thankful for the Small Schools Coalition! I found a white paper written by Dr. Stuart Grauer online and emailed him some questions I had. He directed me to your website, and also armed me with other papers he had written. This information was so valuable to my research, and gave me very reliable statistics and information that I could include in my presentation to our District Education Council. I must say the community had done its homework and others presented on various topics as well. We ended up with an unanimous vote to keep our school open! Thank you so much for your support and wonderful resource!”
–Crystal Gant, School Administrator

There are important benefits of becoming a friend of the Small Schools Coalition. Small Schools Coalition schools receive and may participate in “first-cut” research. SSC schools are eligible to participate in survey research supporting their work, as well as breaking research illustrating and strengthening the efficacy of small schools.

Friending the Small Schools Coalition is completely free. We have over 300 friends and followers from all over the United States and the world. To follow us, please complete the signup form. You can also join the LinkedIn Group or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Benefits of Friending the Small Schools Coalition:

  • The SSC disseminates regular bulletins which are of high interest to the constituents of small schools, hence advancing our work.
  • As an association, we collect, synthesize, and disseminate findings not only in research, but from our “friend” schools and organizations, raising the stature of all SSC schools.
  • Consultations: SSC experts will consult or address your organization (planners, school board, parent group, district office) in deliberations over school size. We do not charge (unless you wish us to incur direct expenses, like travel consultations).
  • We attract, publish, and disseminate position papers from and for our schools.
  • Our web-based resource library and website archives aspire to be the most complete repository of secondary education small schools research in the world.
  • We provide a networked community for like-minded school leaders wishing to share resources and interact.
  • Friends of SSC may post their own web links and logos on the SSC website.
  • We serve as a clearinghouse, providing advisement for shared challenges.
  • SSC continually engages in efforts to evaluate, understand and define what is essential and efficacious about small school operations.
  • SSC offers these benefits at no cost to its friends.

We invite you to visit our friends by clicking on their logos below. There you can see how these organizations are advancing the interests of small schools, the families they serve, and the teachers who thrive in this optimal environment. If you are a small school and would like your logo, seal, and/or link to appear on this page, please complete the signup form.

Friends of the SSC

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Best Small Schools



We are always excited to share information about the best small schools with our friends and visitors. In this regard, we wish to extend commendations to a few of the best small schools for setting such fantastic examples for everyone else to follow. Congratulations to these two schools that are recognized as among the top 5 secondary schools in the nation by US News and World Report:


Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI

Enrollment: 157

Economically Disadvantaged Students (% of Total Enrollment): 0.6

Minority Enrollment (% of Total): 3.2

Quality-Adjusted Exams Per Test Taker: 5.7

College Readiness Index: 100.0


Location: Dallas, TX

Enrollment: 209

Economically Disadvantaged Students (% of Total Enrollment): 24.9

Minority Enrollment (% of Total): 51.2

Quality-Adjusted Exams Per Test Taker: 8.0

College Readiness Index: 100.0

Research from Small Schools Proponents


Many researchers, academics, and school leaders have done an outstanding job documenting the importance of a small school environment for learning and the cultivation of authentic relationships. We welcome you to dive into the ever-growing body of research small schools proponents have amassed, in addition to our SSC Research Library.


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