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Protestors holding white picket signs with red letters that say no cuts, no closures.

Labor law ruling strengthens Oakland teachers union’s ability to fight school closures

A state board found OUSD must bargain with the teachers union over the impacts of school closure decisions.” – Ashley McBride

Students demonstrating in the street with signs that say "counselors not cops"

Providence needs to renovate smaller schools, keep them open

“Smaller schools could attract families back. Small schools increase scores for all by grouping students of diverse abilities and socioeconomic status. Larger schools are associated with a 12% increase in dropout rates… Closing schools, bypassing necessary renovations, and consolidating in larger new-builds creates conditions for decreased student performance and accelerated disenrollment.” – Providence Student Union Leadership Team

Eastern Hancock Superintendent George Philhower

EH officials say small school district study doesn’t always ring true

“Officials with the Community School Corporation of Eastern Hancock County are pushing back some on a recent statewide study indicating students who attend smaller school districts don’t have the same educational opportunities as those who attend larger districts.” – Kristy Deer

A woman with curly hair, glasses, red lipstick, a pearl necklace, and a blue floral shirt.

Small schools ideal for overcoming learning challenges

It’s vital to dispel the misconception that learning challenges hinder academic success. In reality, with the use of effective strategies and support systems, students can excel in spite of these obstacles.” – Gita Lipschitz

New from Dr. Stuart Grauer

dr stuart grauer at the 2016 aero conference

Annotated Bibliography

By way of introduction, this document can be used by all Small School Advocates along with my Size of A Small School article for all people interested in conducting research or literature reviews as they develop the best information about small schools. These are great resources for all those developing speeches, blogs, and articles on small schools.

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The small school movement is gaining popularity worldwide among educational institutions of all types. Even a cursory glance at the ever-growing body of both academic and “real world” research proves why: Because the small school movement provides a fertile environment for authentic peer-to-peer and student-teacher relationships, safety, learner-centered empowerment, and community involvement. We invite you to follow our work or contact us to learn more about the small school movement!

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