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Becoming a friend of the Small Schools Coalition is voluntary and totally free-of-cost. We strive to bring together people of all backgrounds to revolutionize teaching and learning by redefining the way schools prepare students for college and life. You can learn more about us here…. 

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We have an exhaustive body of the most cutting edge (and time-proven) academic research demonstrating the many outstanding benefits of small schooling for facilitating critical thinking skills, leadership, and humanitarian compassion. You can access our research here….

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The small school movement is gaining popularity worldwide among educational institutions of all types. Even a cursory glance at the ever-growing body of both academic and “real world” research proves why: Because the small school movement provides a fertile environment for authentic peer-to-peer and student-teacher relationships, safety, learner-centered empowerment, and community involvement. We invite you to follow our work or contact us to learn more about the small school movement!

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