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Welcome to The Small Schools Coalition online research library. We have gone to great lengths to compile an extensive collection of documents, articles and multimedia tools supporting the small schools movement. This information is absolutely free of charge. Our collection is an integral part of our mission to share the many benefits of the small schools movement with educators, administrators, parents, legislators and anyone else who wants to learn how going small can lead to the largest revolution in the history of modern education. The Small Schools Coalition research is regularly used to save smaller, community-based and place-based schools around the world from closure and consolidation. Small schools are not less by virtue of their size: They are more in essential ways!

Research Small Schools

Dive into our archives to research small schools from every angle. Our archive library covers challenges, successes, school size comparisons, community involvement and more.


Small School Benefits

Familiarize yourself with one of the most important small school benefits: Cost. There are many budgetary, security, community identity and democratic education cost benefits to small schooling.

Education Media Tools

Our education media tools include the best books on education reform, TED and TEDx talks from educational  leaders and theorists touting the benefits of reimagining schooling. 

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